Monday, September 27, 2010

A Sample Wedding Ceremony for a Catholic Wedding

A detailed Wedding Ceremony for Catholic rites which may include ushers and bridesmaids for Candles, Symbols of Love, Veils, etc.

Here’s an example of a Special Wedding Ceremony Sequence for Catholics:

To Celebrate the Marriage of
John & Jill Smith
1st of May, 2012
Barstow, North Carolina

Our Ceremony :
• Prelude/Processional: Canon in D Major by Pachelbel
• Rite of Marriage
• Welcome Speeches
• Lighting of Candles
• Bonding the Bride & Groom under one Wedding Veil
• Wedding Vows
• Exchange of Rings
• Blessing of Bride and Groom by Priest
• Pronouncement of Marriage
• Presentation of Bride and Groom
• Recessional: Music- Together Forever

Our Wedding Party
Officiating Minister
Father Peter Abrahams

Groom and Bride's Parents
Mr. & Mrs.Leonard Solestein
Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Smith

Primary Sponsors
Mayor Samuel Mench
Dr. James Kilroy
Mrs. Johanna Wildenstein
Mr. Berne Albany

To Assist Us in Our Needs
Shane Reid, Friend of Bride
Aaron Fielding, Friend of Bride

To Light Our Path
Marilyn Manson, Cousin of Bride
Bettina Page, Friend of Bride

To Bind Us Together
Gina Gerswin, Friend of Bride
Jennifer Tilman, Friend of Groom

To Clothe Us As One
Jenna James, Cousin of Groom
Jeremy Rons, Best Friend of Bride

To Carry Our Symbols of Love
Lourdes Ciccone, Niece of Groom
Soo-Mi Naw, Relative of Bride

To Carry Our Symbols of Faith
Rebecca Lee, Cousin of Groom
Jeff Gunnar, Cousin of Bride

To Shower Our Aisle with Flowers
Britanny Helms, Niece of Bride

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